Recent Additions

These refer to additions since September 2010.

October, 2010:
American Dipper in the Rouge River After our Oregon Coast trip in August we returned to the Rouge River for a drift boat ride down the river – fishing and bird photography. Sally caught a 20+ pound steelhead trout.

• Belted Kingfisher. I finally caught a long sought photo of a Belted Kingfisher see - Kingfisher Belted.
• Stills and a video of
American Dipper. I got a better videos of the American Dipper dipping and more and better stills. see – Dipper American and Bird Movies.

November, 2010
• In mid-November we attended the Festival of the Cranes, Bosque Del Apache NWR New Mexico. The site includes photos and videos of Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese, Ross’s Geese, many different raptors including a Peregrine Falcon with prey, Ducks and others.

February, 2011
We spent our usual month in Hawaii. This time half on Kauai and half on Maui. On Kauai we explored the Koke'e State Park including Swamp Trail. Then the lighthouse at Kilauea Point NWR.
New bird species additions: Akeke'e, Erkel's Francolin, Kaui Amakihi, Hawaiian Elepaio, Lysan Albatross, Red Junglefowl, and Japanese White-eye.
Other additions to pervious species: Brown Booby, Red-footed Booby, Hawaiian Moorhen, Juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron. 'I'iwi, Apapane, Maui Amakihi, Spotted Dove, Java Sparrow, Common Myna plus some great closeups and video of a Humpback Whale
These are posted both in the /Hawaii and /Birdgroups web sites.

March, 2011
I joined a Pasadena Audubon Society birding trip to the Hahamongna Watershed Park in Pasadena. Photographed one new bird - the Grey Flycatcher, delightful little bird that stayed perched on a branch for us for 10 minutes. See Flycatchers in /Birdgroups

March-April, 2011
We took a Silverseas cruise to the Caribbean. The 13 new species seen on that trip are presented on
In Florida I visited the aviaries at the Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL. The web site presenting the 55 new species of African, South AMerican and Australian birds. See:
Many other Florida birds were photographed.

April 22 to 29, 2011
We returned to fabulous Southeastern Arizona, this time staying at the George Walker House in Paradise and Cave Creek Ranch at Portal, then back to Tony Battiste Bed and Birds in Hereford. Many new species added to www.ComingsBIrds/Arizona.

June 5, 2011
Our 5th pelagic trip. This one out of Oxnard to Santa Cruz of the Channel Islands. The highlight was the Island Scrub Jay a species unique to Santa Cruz island. See

November 6 to 30, 2011
A wonderful month long trip to New Zealand. 110 new species, 125 total species and two more pelagic trips. See

April 2012
After a trips to Florida for my 60th High School reunion, we stopped off at High Island and Galvaston, The resultant photos are on

January 3 to 31, 2013 Costa Rica
240 species of birds, 175 new to ComingsBirds, 11 different ecolodges.
Needed two sub-websites: birds A to I birds J to Z.

April 2013
French Polynesia, Tahiti, Bora Bora, others + Easter Island.
3 days of birding in Northern Peru.

September 2013
Big Island Hawaii.
Several new Hawaiian birds, Saffron Finch, Skylark, Kalij Pheasant and the rare Akiapola'au. These have been added to

November 2013
Antarctic cruise with National Geographic - 24 days.