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Total number of bird groups = 253
Total number of bird species = 1,380
Total number of bird photographs = 10,120

This website presents bird photographs from a large number of bird groups, with each group folder containing one to many different bird species. Since various groupings range widely in the number of species they contain, the groupings range from Families to sub-Families, to Genera and occasionally single species. Currently, most of birds are from North America and the Galapagos. Other countries will be added.

The philosophy of all of the web pages is that multiple photographs of the same species provides a depth to an understanding of the identification of birds that cannot be obtained from a single photograph. Thus front, back, side, head close-up, flying, male, female, juvenile and other views are often presented. Multiple photos also provide a greater appreciation of the pure beauty of these birds. I thank Wikipedia for the systematics and other information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When a given group folder is opened a fine line appears at the bottom of the light blue section of the web page with the different species within the folder shown below the line. Click on each to view multiple photos for the different species. To see enlarged photos of the birds click the first photo and progress to the next by clicking NEXT (not Previous).

A summary of the groups, species and number of photographs is available on the Summary page.

This website contains all of the photos listed in the location specific web pages.

Black-browed Albatross 192 1048Brown Skua 192 0952Cobb's Wren 192 1545Chinstrap with rock 192 7977Gentoo Penguin with egg at nest Pt Lockaby 192 8052Imperial Shag 192 0822Kelp Goose male 192 1678King Penguin pups Gold Bay 192 5839King Penguin 192 4528